Qualities of the good neighbors

The greatest thing about the Bahria Town housing projects is that you get a community and people to live with. However, it always relies on the first step that you take to break the ice with your neighbor. If you want to get a good neighbor, then first you have to become the one. You see, it is important as you have to live in the society and have to incorporate with them. So, here are we listing some of the good qualities of the good neighbors.

Minimize the communication gap.

To become the good neighbor first, you have to become friends. And to become good friends you have to minimize the communication gap. There is a quote that “good fences make good neighbors.” It is clear that you have to respect the boundaries. The boundaries can only be crossed when these fences get destroyed by the storm, or they fall over by themselves.

Cut down the extra grass on the lawn.

The next quality of the good neighbors is that they mow the lawn. Nobody likes the uncleaned and weedy lawn, and it is embarrassing. Take a proper look of your lawn and trim the grass at least weekly. Make the fertilizing schedule and work on it accordingly. Keep it nice, clean and tidy.

Keep your home surrounding tidy.

You need to learn to respect the tastes of others especially the neighbors. If you do not own the habit of neatness, you have to develop this thing in yourself. Keep your garden clean dump the trash in the right place and keep it hidden. Even though we understand it could be the trouble but paint your house periodically.

Help before they ask.

You need to realize whenever they need you; you should be there to help them. To get ahead of small talk then identify their need. If you can help them in any way possible to be shy to come in the front. If they are cleaning their lawn during the heat wave offer your help to them. These little good deeds leave a long lasting good impression.

Exchange phone numbers- get connected.

I wonder in connecting age why don’t you have your neighbor’s phone number? What if you need them in your worst situation? What if your house is flooded when you are on vacation? What if your important parcel gets delivered when you are not at your home? Scribble down your name, number and email address on a bit of paper and inquire as to whether your neighbor is open to sharing theirs.

To break the ice, share some well-cooked meal

To know your neighbor or you want to start a conversation get them something cooked by you. This will work as the icebreaker and will surely be a good way to start the conversation and to start conservation on any topic like another property for sale available in Bahria Town Karachi. Make them feel like a friend if they are new in the area. Most likely they don’t have many friends

Do not gossip much

One of the best quality of the good neighbor is they don’t gossip much. So if the time comes when there is the gossip of about any two-person then change the topic by distracting them. Ask them a question about their children or what they are showing in their garden.

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